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Our mission to save
the Environment!

Save Me is on a mission to make sure no food goes to waste. Our purpose is not only ecological but has a humanitarian dimension. We’re not just saving the planet; we’re saving you money. Our application makes it easy for you to find high-quality surplus food near you at a great price. We provide listings of nearby restaurants and stores that have surplus items available so you can go and pick them up.

Our Vision

Food loves you,
You love it back

Our vision is to achieve a sustainable ecosystem by completely eradicating food waste. We are committed to helping customers access surplus food by connecting them with a network of local restaurants and stores.

How it works

Always User Friendly


Why Choose Us?

Affordable to everyone

Make savings by buying surplus items without sacrificing food quality.

Surprising Packages

Pamper your taste buds when you receive a surprise package filled with delicious food.

Easy Pickup

Enjoy picking up your food at a convenient time - no more waiting in line!


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